Sud Stud V2 | Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber | Black - Sud Stud
Sud Stud V2 | Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber | Black - Sud Stud
Sud Stud V2 | Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber | Black - Sud Stud
Sud Stud V2 | Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber | Black - Sud Stud

"The bristles feel amazing"
- Eric V., Verified Customer

Sud Stud V2 Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber Black Make soaps last 5x longer.

With an upgraded design, the Sud Stud V2 makes soaps last longer and clean deeper while helping you save money with your favorite natural and commercial soaps.

  • New 900+ bristle side for exfoliation
  • Larger design to fit more soaps
  • Honeycomb pattern blocks water and creates suds
  • Larger hole for easy hanging
  • Slimmer entry point to keep bars inside
  • Improved drains for drying
  • Gentle for daily use
  • Anti-bacterial medical grade silicone
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900+ Bristles Engineered
For A Satisfying Scrub

Your fancy-schmancy soaps are finally worth buying — thanks to Sud Stud V2's design, extend your soap's life up to 5 times longer while our new bristle side powers through dirt and grime.

Sud Stud V2 up close.

Over 900 bristles create a luxurious lather to scrub through dirt and grime while gently exfoliating skin.

Sud Stud V2’s honeycomb pattern blocks 80% of skin-to-soap contact and extra water to make your soaps last longer.

Made with food-grade antibacterial silicone, Sud Stud V2 stretches up to 200% to fit soaps as large as 6 oz.

Sensational scrubbing power.

Our bristle side exfoliates while stimulating soap molecules into creating more suds while:
  • Creates More Lather  — Bristles stimulate soap lather while providing a scrubbing away dirt, grime, and dead skin.
  • Safe for Everyday Use — Sud Stud V2’s bristles won’t over-exfoliate and irritate skin like traditional loofahs and plastic poofs.
  • More Robust Cleaning— Clean sneakers, dirty dishes, tile, granite, marble carpet stains, and more with Sud Stud V2!

Fits soaps up to 6oz.

15% larger, Sud Stud V2 expands up to 200% its regular size to fit your favorite soaps including Sud Stud’s all-natural soap line.

Quickly drys soaps.

No more mushy soap bars! Sud Stud V2 hangs to drain excess water.

Excess water drains from the bottom, letting your soap dry. The holes are small to keep slivers of soap inside.

Prevents bacteria growth.

Sud Stud V2 is BPA free, safe for dishwashers and designed to last.

Made with antibacterial silicone.

Unlike traditional loofahs and poofs, Sud Stud stops bacteria build-up from humid places.

Completely “sealed”, silicone is naturally anti-bacterial. Water cannot enter Sud Stud Stud where bacteria and mold and grow over time.

Easy to clean and sanitize.

Made with food-grade silicone, Sud Stud sanitizes in minutes.

Bacteria can’t grow inside Sud Stud’s sealed surface. Leave Sud Stud in boiling water to kill any surface-level bacteria.

*Dishwasher Safe — Sud Stud is BPA-Free and can withstand high-temperature washes. Leave in one dishwasher cycle for complete sanitation.

Durable and tear-resistant.

Stretchy food-grade silicone stands up to repeated daily use.

Sud Stud V2 will last longer than the leading bathroom products while providing the same satisfying scrub wash after wash.

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