Frequently Asked Questions

Sud Stud Inquiries


How durable is Sud Stud?

We use medical-grade, anti-bacterial silicone in all of our Sud Studs, so we can confidently say it’s very durable!

Can bacteria grow on Sud Stud?

Silicone is a non-porous material, which prevents bacteria from growing, as there's no pores/holes for something to latch onto and grow in. To further disinfect your Sud Stud, simply leave in boiling water for 3 minutes. 

How do I insert my soap into Sud Stud?

For soaps around 3.5 oz or smaller:

  1. Stretch Sud Stud’s opening to loosen up the silicone. 
  2. Wet the soap (it will be slippery!)
  3. Stretch the opening up wide enough to slip Sud Stud in

For soaps larger than 3.5oz:

We recommend cutting the soap in half so that not only is it easier to install with Sud Stud, but also to help your soap last even longer by exposing less of it to running water:

  1. Safely cut your soap bar into a smaller size
  2. Stretch Sud Stud’s opening to loosen up the silicone. 
  3. Wet the soap (it will be slippery!)
  4. Stretch the opening up wide enough to slip Sud Stud in

*Some of our customers have fit popular soaps like Dr. Squatch (5 oz size) without cutting. This takes a significant amount of effort compared to our recommended effort, but it will help your soap last longer!

How do I get my Sud Stud to lather?

Sud Stud is made to help limit the water that interacts with your soap so that your soap lasts longer. With your soap inside Sud Stud, run it underwater. Away from the running water, roll Sud Stud in your hands to build a lather (like trying to start a fire with two sticks) and the lather will build!

There is a small break-in period for Sud Stud to loosen up to help create suds of about 5 days of daily shower use. Please note, if you are using Sud Stud to wash your hands only, this is roughly 20 washes to stretch the silicone out effectively.

Be sure to wash with Sud Stud away from the running water, or you’ll rinse the lather away! Rinse as you normally would.

Do I need to take my soap outside of Sud Stud after each shower?

No, you should leave your soap inside Sud Stud when not in use. The honeycomb pattern and extra air-holes allow for sufficient airflow to dry the soap and Sud Stud. To dry even faster, use the included string to hand your Sud Stud. 

What’s the string for?

Hanging your Sud Stud to dry helps make the soap dry a little faster! Hang like you normally would a loofah. 

What happens when the soap gets small and might fall out?

As your soap gets smaller, you should be able to slip in a new bar to push the sliver of used soap to the edge of your Sud Stud.

How do I clean my Sud Stud?

You can clean your Sud Stud by leaving it in boiling water for a few minutes. This will sanitize your Sud Stud. 

What is the expected lifetime of my Sud Stud with daily use?

This varies depending on the user. Some people shower more than others. With our quality silicone, we expect the Sud Stud to last over a year. But of course, if your sleeve is shared among others in the household, the durability of the Sud Stud may diminish a lot quicker.

Soap Inquiries

How is your soap made?

We use a traditional cold-process method that combines oils and other ingredients with lye that then cures for 4 weeks. You can see the ingredients specific to each bar of soap on its page.

Where is your soap made?

All of our soaps are made in the USA handmade by soap crafters specialized in cold process methods.

Where do you get your ingredients from?

We source them from local businesses and use vegan ingredients in our formulas. If you would like to find out more about where we source our ingredients, send us a message!

Why do your soaps smell so good?

We work with magicians. We infuse quality essential oils to bring out the best scents along with natural ingredients to enhance the soap. We do NOT use any preservatives, or harsh chemicals.

Does this work with Sud Stud?

Absolutely! We made it so that each bar of soap fits easily into Sud Stud without needing to resize. 

Shipping Inquiries

How long does it take for an order to ship?

We ship both domestic and international orders within 48 hours of receiving the order. You receive free shipping on all orders over $30!

Where do all orders ship from?

All orders (Domestic and International) are shipped from our fulfillment center in McLean, Virginia, USA.

How can I track my order?

Once processed from our system, an automated email is generated and sent to you with the tracking number and other details regarding the package and its destination.

Intl. Shipping Inquiries

Will I have to pay international import/tax customs charges/ import duties?

The customer importing the goods assumes complete responsibility of any and all applicable taxes applied to the product by the importer’s country.

How much will the customs/import taxes will I be charged on my order?

Customs taxes and import duties vary widely from country to country. We recommend calling up your local customs office to understand the laws and charges applied to goods being imported into your respective country. We trust you will understand that we have no control over the customs/import taxes that your country decides to levy.

What countries do we NOT ship to?

We ship to many countries around the world. Please note, shipping rates are considerably higher than before the pandemic -  we apologize for the inconvenience of this. All other orders will not be able to be processed. We apologize for this, but hopefully as the global situation improves, we can start to ship to international markets again. 


At this time, we do not ship to: 

Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Bonaire, Colombia, Congo, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iraq, Kuwait, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Nigeria, Niger, Morocco, Pakistan, Russia, Tunisia, Spain, South Africa, Uganda, Ukraine & Zimbabwe


How long do International deliveries normally take to get delivered?

USPS International can take anywhere between 7-14 days to reach its destination. However, customs clearance procedures that are sometimes required, can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.