Meet Dale of Sud Stud

Hi Everyone, my name is Dale, and I'm the founder of Silli Co. Silli Co is a play on the word "Silicone" and "Company." 

Dale Lin, Inventor of Sud Stud


My goal is to develop fun and unique products that solve problems, big or small. I've used soap bars my whole life. But it wasn't until recently that I discovered that soap bars don't clean as well as other products. 

As a stubborn millennial, instead of searching for alternative soap products, I decided to design one that allows me to use my favorite soap bars. Thus Sud Stud was born! 

Crowdfunding Success Story

I first launched Sud Stud through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, where 2,448 backers raised $57,430 to help me bring Sud Stud to life!

Sud Stud Funded on Kickstarter

While waiting for Sud Stud to deliver, we hit some incredible milestones for Sud Stud, like when our first production run was finished:

Production Molds for Sud Stud

We continued to collect pre-orders through Indiegogo, and reached $100,000 raised in December!

Sud Stud Raised $108,000 on Indiegogo

Shortly after, we began shipping our Sud Studs to over 4,295 backers across the world:

Sud Stud's first shipment arriving at our warehouse.

Now Delivering Worldwide

After our crowdfunding success, we're delivering Sud Stud, an environmentally-friendly solution to single-use plastic body washes and lather-enhancing improvement to common soap bars worldwide. 

Order your Sud Stud today!