Soap has been around for thousands of years, and no one has really questioned it

SudStud eliminates bacteria cultivation, saves money on fancy soaps, and cleans better than your current showering routine.

Sud Stud Design Features Infographic

Eliinate soap waste when showering:

By removing soap to skin contact, Sud Stud reduces the surface area of any bar of soap by 80%, making your soap last 5x times longer.

Less Soap Surface Area

Patented Honeycomb design reduces friction by 80% saving you soap and money

Any Shape or Size Soap

Flexible and adjusts to different shapes like popular brands or irrgeular gourmet soaps.

Gourmet Bar Soaps

Your fancy-schmancy, expensive gourmet soap bars will be worth buying, as Sud Stud expands up to 200%

A deep, exfoliating clean with gel or bar soap:

Our patented soft-side and scrub-side honeycomb pattern forms a water block, creathing richer, sudsier lather with bar soaps

More Soapy Suds, Less Water

Our pattern creates a richer and sudsier lather with up to 250% more suds.

Two-Side Exfoliating Clean

A soft silicone side for gentler cleaning or a scrub side for deeper cleaning without irritation.

Ultra-soft silicone eliminates bacteria growth:

With anti-bacterial silicone, Sud Stud stops bacteria build-up prevalent in traditional loofahs.

Quick Dry, Easy Clean

When not in use, "feet" prop up letting Sud Stud dry itself. Throughly sanitize in boiling water.

Antibacterial Soft Silicone

Unlike traditional shower loofahs, the ultra-soft, flexible silicone elminates breeding grounds for bathroom bacteria.

A Simple, Yet Complicated Design

In depth look at Sud Stud's Design Features

Here are a few of the important highlights from Sud Stud's design:

  • Size — Optimally sized to fit the most common soap bar sizes with the ability to adapt to a larger or smaller without much effect on the overall efficiency of Sud Stud's features. 

  • Shape — Hexagonal shape is the optimal design for compatibility with the most popular rectangle shaped soap bars while also being compatible with round, square, or other irregular shaped soap bars.

  • Pillars — Internally, you'll find 5 pillars that provide support for the edges and holds the soap in place while also allowing Sud Stud to maintain form as the bather grips or squeezes while scrubbing.

  • Combs — Patented Honeycomb Grid design reduces friction between soap and skin by 80% that allows one single bar of soap to last 5x longer while also creating 250% more soap suds than a bar alone. 

  • Feet — Externally, 6 circular bumps that allow water to drain and air to flow underneath Sud Stud after you are done using so the sleeve and soap dry quicker to maintain quality and eliminate bacteria.

  • Materials — Through testing flexibility, durability, drying, cleaning, safety, and cost of commercially available materials, I found Antimicrobial Silicone would perform the best for Sud Stud's purpose.

  • Textures — In addition to the material used, Sud Stud also offers two texture types on either side, one for deeper exfoliation and the other for a gentler scrub for those with more sensitive skin types.

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