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Galactic Scrub Soap Bar - Sud Stud
Galactic Scrub Soap Bar - Sud Stud

Galactic Scrub Soap Bar

Lemongrass, white tea, and sea salt

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WARNING: This soap may feel like it's from another planet, star, or galaxy. It's not. Featuring Lemongrass, patchouli, and white tea Galactic Scrub smells as fun as it looks!

What Makes Our Soaps Great?

The ultimate lather made through artisanal cold-press methods with all-natural ingredients.
Artisnal Soaps Hand Made in Ashburn VA

Handmade in the USA

Proudly made in Virginia, Sud Stud soaps are made using traditional cold process methods. This means we don’t need to include any nasty parabens or preservatives and that our soaps provide a gentle clean for all skin types.

Amber glass bottle and other natural soap ingredients

Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are mixed together with plant-based, 100% vegan ingredients. Before curing for 4 weeks, we infuse essential oils for a crisp scent. Natural oils made from olives, coconuts and almonds nourish and moisturize skin.

Sud Stud next to Sud Stud Tingling Spearmint Soap

Made For Sud Stud

Pair with your Sud Stud to maximize the longevity of our natural soaps that feature a size and design for an optimal fit. We asked our soap makers to turn the latherability up to 11 so every wash includes a sudsy cleansing lather.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Sud Stud Soap Lather-ability Test

Natural Soap Making