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Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber

Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber - Sud Stud
Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber - Sud Stud
Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber - Sud Stud
Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber - Sud Stud
Soap Saving Silicone Scrubber - Sud Stud
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An intelligently designed soap scrubber to cut waste, stop bacteria, and clean deeper.

  • Reduces Soap Usage by Up to 80%
  • Gentle On Skin
  • Anti-bacterial Medical Grade Silicone
  • Stretches Up to 250%
  • Soap Bars Lasts 5x Longer

Sud Stud may look simple; however...

it's the perfect alternative to filthy loofahs.

The innovative design uses less soap for a gentle clean while also eliminating bacteria build up while awaiting its next use.

Reduce Bacteria Growth

Made with ultra-soft, flexible silicone eliminating bacteria build-up prevalent in traditional loofahs.

Eliminate Soap Waste

By reducing your soap's surface area with our honeycomb pattern, your soap lasts 5x longer.

Gentle On Skin

Perfect for everyday-use, scrubbing with Sud Stud is good for any skin type whilemaking your soap last longer.

Meet Sud Stud.

Stop bacteria cultivation, save money on fancy soaps and clean better than your current shower routine.

Eliminate Soap Waste

Cleansing, Gentle Clean

Reduce Bacteria Growth

“By making the switch to Sud Stud's new silicone shower accessory, you'll upgrade your current daily bathing routine.” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Feature — Trend Hunter
“You want to get nice and clean without wasting soap, and [Sud Stud is the] nifty little device to help you do just that.” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review —
“The waste! The slime! The bacterial cultivation! And that's just from soapy loofahs, the things that are supposed to keep you clean! SudStud is a new shower scrubber, a soap sleeve that keeps clean!” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Dude I Want That!
“A new shower scrubber that is able to eliminate bacteria cultivation, save you money on soaps, and clean deeper at the same time.” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Nechgear
“Its comfortable, flexible, scrubs, and cuts down on soap usage.” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Lime Design
“[Sud Stud] is designed to fit any type of soap bar no matter the shape. Users can simply wet the bar and slip it into the silicone sleeve” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Tyson Reporter
“Solves problem you didn't know had...SudStud eliminates bacteria cultivation, saves money on expensive soaps, and cleans deeper than your current showering routine.” Sud Stud Soap Sleeve Review — Coming Soon Tech

Match Your Bathroom Decor with Sud Stud

Choose from 5 colors to match your personal style.
Sky Blue Sud Stud in Marble Bathroom
Black Soap Saving Exfoliating Scrubber on Black and White Bathroom
Purple Sud Stud in Marble Bathroom
Sudsy Sky Blue Sud Stud
Black Sud Stud in Bathroom
Sky Blue Sud Stud with Soap Behind
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Sud Stud: Intelligently Designed Shower Scrubber

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Clean better while using up to 80% less of your favorite soap with Sud Stud.
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