Sud Stud V2 The sleeve that transforms your soaps into a loofah and helps them last up to 5x longer!

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  • Fits all of your favorite soap bars up to 6oz
  • Over 900+ bristles to lather and exfoliate the skin
  • Honeycomb pattern dries soap and prevents bacteria buildup
  • Made with anti-bacterial medical grade silicone
  • BPA-free and dishwasher safe

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Designed to save 5x more soap.

Sud Stud’s honeycomb design blocks water and limits skin-to-soap contact, extending your soap’s life.

Tough on grime, easy on skin.

Over 900 bristles exfoliate and create a luscious lather, without irritating the skin like traditional loofahs and plastic poofs.

Fits all your favorite soaps.

Sud Stud doubles in size to fit all of your favorite soaps up to 6 oz in size.

No bacteria buildup and easy clean up.

Bacteria and mold can’t grow inside of Sud Stud’s sealed silicone surface. Clean it by tossing it in the dishwasher.

Sud Stud vs. leading bathroom products.

Sud Stud lasts 50x longer than the leading bathroom products. You’ll get the deep clean you’re used to, without the bacteria buildup.

Sud Stud V2 Loofah Puff Natural Loofah Bristle Brush
Lifespan 5-10 years 2 months 3-4 weeks 1 year or less< 1 year
Material Medical-grade silicone Plastic mesh Tropical Luffa plant Wood & natural hairWood & hair
Durability Incredibly durable &
lasts for years
Lasts for years
Falls apartquickly Should be replaced regularly for sanitary reasonsReplace regularly Wooden handle breaks apart
Bristles are constantly lost
Loses bristles
Cleaning Sanitize in boiling water or a dishwasher cycledishwasher Can be cleanedClean with chlorine Sanitize in boiling water or microwave Clean with vinegar or tea tree oil which may leave microbes
Features Soap lasts up to 5x longer
Dedicated bristle side
Bristle sideQuick-drying
Cheap &
easily creates soap foam
Cheap & creates soap foam
Natural &
good for exfoliation
Helps with hard-to-reach areasCan be used for dry massage

Sud Stud fits perfectly over our handmade soaps.

Cold-pressed soaps made with vegan ingredients. No harmful parabens, chemicals, or preservatives.

Over 10,000+ Sud Stud fans worldwide!