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Sud Stud V2 Soap Saving silicone scrubber showing bristle side

Improved Life Hacking Scrubber That Makes Soap Last 5x Longer.

With an upgraded design, the Sud Stud V2 makes soaps last longer and clean deeper while helping you save money with your favorite natural and commercial soaps.

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Sud Stud V2 in Black with Bristle Side Showing

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Meet Sud Stud V2.

An intelligently designed shower scrubber that cuts soap waste, prevents bacteria growth and cleans deeper than ever before.

Man scrubs himself with Sud Stud V2, the soap saving silicone scrubber

Engineered For a Satisfying Scrub

New exfoliating bristle side provides a deep cleaning and consistent exfoliation. Featuring fewer holes for soap savings and creating a rich lather while reducing soap surface area exposed.

White Sud Stud V2 with a large green bar of soap inside ready to clean

Body Expands 200% to Fit Large Soaps

Made with ultra-soft and stretchy antibacterial silicone, Sud Stud V2 expands to fit artisan or commercials soaps up to 6 oz with ease. A slim entry port keeps soap in longer.

2 Sud Studs hang drying after a sudsy wash

Save Money While Using Less Soap

Sud Stud's honeycomb design reduces the soap friction area by 80% so that the soap bar isn't in direct contact with you, reducing the soap's exposure to extend the life of your soap and save money.

The Future of Full-Body Skincare.

Sud Stud is the alternative to the notoriously filthy loofahs, plastic poufs and harsh bristle brushes we've used.

Bristle Side For Cleaning Efficiency

Over 900 individual bristles for gentle exfoliation.

  • Creates More Lather — Increase suds by up to 250% while blocking water.
  • Cleanses Deeply — Remove dirt and grime while keeping skin clean and smooth.

Sud Stud V2 Rotating Showing both Bristle Side and HoneyComb Side

Honeycomb Pattern Blocks Water

Expose up to 80% less surface area from running water.

  • Reduced Surface Area — Helps soap last up to 5x longer than without Sud Stud.
  • Soft Silicone — Antibacterial and BPA-free, Sud Stud v2 is durable and long-lasting.

Sud Stud in Purple and Sky Blue among 5 bars of stacked soaps

Long-Term Environmental Benefits

Sud Stud is designed to last longer than leading bathroom products.

Unlike plastic poofs and loofahs that only last so long, Sud Stud stands up to over 600 washes.

Using bar soaps is less impactful on the environment when compared to plastic waste left by body wash.

Bristle Side for Effective Scrubbing and a Larger Size

We improved the original Sud Stud after listening to our customers.

  • Dirt-Busting Bristles — Feel the cleaning difference with over 900 bristles that build lather and scrub deeper for a satisfying wash.
  • Larger Size — Fit larger format soaps up to 6oz from popular natural soap brands like Dr. Squatch, Bronners, and Lush easier than ever before.

Sud Stud V2 Up Close.

Sud Stud V2 may look simple; however, every feature from shape, size, and body is designed for an incredible clean.

Dedicated Bristle Side

Over 900 bristles provide a satisfying scrub while removing dirt, grime, and dead skin cells without damaging skin.

15% Larger Body

Made to fit large square-shaped soaps and uniquely artisanal soaps while maximizing life of soap by up to 5 times longer.

Slimmer Entry Point

Prevents soap from falling out while scrubbing. with a dedicated hole to hang Sud Stud for easy drying.

2 Sud Stud V2s showing both soap saving honeycomb pattern and exfoliating bristle side.
Food-Grade Silicone

Flexible and quick to dry, silicone's anti-microbial properties help Sud Stud remain germ-free, unlike a loofah.

Patented Honeycomb Design

Generates a frothy lather while protecting soap from direct skin contact helping to increase the lifespan.

Body Expands Up To 200%

Durable and stretchy silicone and adjusts to fit popular brands and gourmet soaps that come in irregular sizes.

Over 12,000+ Sud Studs Sold

We created the Sud Stud V2 after hearing from so many happy customers.

We took our initial design and made incredible improvements so that you can have the best sudsy experience possible!

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Sign up now and get 55% off when we launch.

Be the first to know when Sud Stud V2 goes live by signing up to receive our special limited-time launch offer that’s good for 55% off Sud Stud V2.